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Dr. Steven Ruggerio

Steve is our Nurturer Voice and has multiple degrees including a doctorate in Leadership.His passion is driving transformational change in individuals, teams and organizations by equipping them with strategic tools and cultivating innovative mindsets.

Steve is a sought-after public speaker with an unparalleled desire to see others succeed!


K. David Johnson, CPA, MML

Dave is our Creative Voice. His passion is to help others become incredible leaders and build elite teams.

As a CPA for over 30 years, he's been honored to personally help build hundreds of businesses into long-term success stories.

He looks forward to putting my experience to work coaching you in building your elite team.


Ron J. Clark

Ron is our Connector Voice and is passionate about helping people connect in ways that lift everyone up.

As a published author and nationally recognized speaker, Ron brings his wisdom and experience to help you build your elite team.



Amanda Ahl

Amanda is our Guardian Voice. She's phenomenal at systems and procedures and keeps us aligned. She's passionate about helping leaders build elite teams with systems and procedures that work!



Aaron Lee, ACC 

Aaron is our Pioneer Voice. As a speaker, trainer, faculty member and author, Aaron has an incredible amount of experience in helping people and organizations thrive.

His passion is to help leaders solve the leadership crisis we're currently experiencing.


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