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Underperforming Teams Are Frustrating

  • Most teams perform at < 60% of their potential.
  • 82% feel misunderstood and undervalued.
  • Team leaders rarely, if ever, hear the truth.
  • High-performers will leave.
  • Underperforms will stay.
  • Unhealthy team cultures spread.

Leaders undermine their influence every day without even knowing it.

One Underperforming Team Can Derail Your Entire Organization!

It doesn't have to stay this way.

Research shows that having a coach increases business success rates to 95%.

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Greg Cox

National Consultant to Community Leaders


“I was looking for game-changing resources and training experiences that would help me to optimize my ability to effectively lead others and lead myself. LEADwell does that and more. I look forward to continuing my professional growth journey with LEADwell.”

The LEADwell Way…


  1. STEP ONE: Book a free Discovery Call to review your current situation.
  2. STEP TWO: Together we will map out a proven strategy for your success.
  3. STEP THREE: Begin implementing your plan, knowing we are with you every step of the way.

It's time to start Leading with Confidence!

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Anne Sych

Director of Development, Care Net Peninsula


"I had a GREAT coaching call with Steve. He affirmed me, gave me some great insight on my team and coworkers, and some challenges to help me grow in my leadership. He really zoned in on all the right places.

So grateful for you and the entire LEADwell team!"


Our Agency Team is here to equip you to develop your inspiring team with confidence. We use our combined…



  • Doctorate of Leadership
  • Multiple MBAs
  • Masters in Leadership
  • Multiple Graduate and Undergraduate Business and Ministry Degrees
  • Combined our team of six holds 18 Degrees



  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • ICF Certified
  • DiSC Certified
  • Predictive Indicator Certified
  • 5 Voices Certified
  • 100X Leader Certified
  • GiANT Consultant and Guide Certifications
  • Business Made Simple Certification
  • The Six Types of Working Genius Certification


Over 150 years of combined business experience including:

  • Nationally sought after training and Keynote speakers
  • Federal and State level leadership appointments
  • Active duty military experience
  • Chief of Police experience
  • SWAT, Narcotics, and Professional Standards experience
  • Executive Director experience for multiple non-profit organizations
  • Multiple ordained and licensed ministers 
  • Multiple books, white papers, and other published works 


We don’t just coach leadership and team performance; we are currently leading multiple businesses and teams.

We’re in the trenches daily, just like you.

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Scott Hill, CPP, PSP, RCM, CPO

Director, 3D Security and Response Services


"From my very first session with Dave at LEADwell he helped me rewrite promotional copy for an upcoming webinar I was presenting. When I sent it to the facilitators, they said registration for my event "blew up immediately". LEADwell gave me a quick win and I cannot wait for our next Sessions." 

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